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Toolkit for Intergenerational Fairness

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Intergenerational Fairness Toolkit: Designing Policies and Practices for Future Generations

This toolkit is designed as a primer and introduction to intergenerational fairness and how it can be applied to create better decisions.

It builds on a multi-year collaboration between the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the School of International Futures to define a framework for the systematic evaluation of public policies according to what is fair and unfair for all generations.

This framework seeks to generate constructive dialogues around intergenerational fairness. We hope to inspire leaders to stress-test that their plans work for all generations: in order to avoid mortgaging our children’s future and in order to harness the wisdom and legacy of elders in our communities. We aim to make it easy for communities to hold decision-makers accountable for the long-term consequences of their plans. And we seek to inspire collaborative exchanges where human creativity and energy can address problems of temporal distributional problems before they balloon, and perhaps even before they arise.

We hope that you will enjoy exploring the topic and framework, and that this toolkit can act as a catalyst to drive long-term change.

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