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Survey: Growing and Developing California’s Innovation Economy

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In April 2022, California 100 conducted a survey of expert sentiment among leaders in California’s innovation and research sectors, with a heavy focus on academic and industry researchers, educators, and business leaders. Respondents were asked to anonymously report on what made them hopeful about California’s future directions, where the state could invest more, and how well policymakers understood and acted on the biggest threats facing the state.

While respondents are generally bullish about the future of California’s innovation ecosystem, they see several important areas for improvement. Key priorities include: 1) investing in research and technology to solve big problems facing the state, particularly with respect to climate change, 2) investing more in advanced tech manufacturing, 3) increasing investments in new areas of the state, particularly in places with higher educational institutions and research assets, 4) investing in racial and gender equity to unleash the state’s innovation potential, and 5) increasing the expertise of state government with respect to science and technology, including tech policy.