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Roadmap Home 2030: A Bold, Long-term Plan To Create Affordable Housing In California

Access to affordable housing continues to be a pressing issue across California, particularly for low-income families and communities of color. Housing California, California Housing Partnership and the California Budget & Policy Center created Roadmap Home 2030 — “a bold, long-term plan to create the future we want for California by building affordable homes, protecting low-income renters, ending homelessness, and advancing racial equity and economic inclusion.”

From Housing California: 

California’s Roadmap Home 2030 demonstrates how, using an evidence-based, equity-centered, and comprehensive approach, over the next ten years, the state can meet the full need and achieve the four following goals:

1) create 1.2 million new affordable homes,

2) protect 1 million low-income renter households from losing their homes,

3) end homelessness, and

4) close racial equity gaps in housing and homelessness. 

To meet these goals, the Roadmap includes 51 state and 6 federal policy solutions designed to work synergistically as a package to advance systems reform and structural change in five core areas: 1) invest in our values, 2) promote fairness in our tax and finance systems, 3) reimagine growth, 4) protect people, and 5) create efficiency and accountability in our housing and homelessness systems.

This kind of long-term planning and thinking is important if California is to get serious about planning for decades to come.