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Report: The Future of Energy, Environment and Natural Resources

California’s Energy, Water, and Climate Change Problems

A prosperous and livable california depends on a stable climate and sustainable energy and water supplies. Today, california has neither. In the face of accelerating climate change and rising fossil energy costs, the state is working to transition its electricity and transportation sectors, industrial output, building stock, and water systems to zero-carbon technologies. California has established itself as a global leader in reducing global greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions, and with 12 percent of the nations population and with one of the nations strongest economies, it produced only 7 percent of the nations ghg in 2017. Californias work on climate protection is far from complete. Transition to zero carbon transportation has just begun. More is needed to reach a low carbon electric sector, and the state has a huge task ahead to address impacts of climate change on water supply.

Scenarios for the Future

The following are presented as four possible scenarios for California’s energy, environment and natural resources future.

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Video: Scenarios for California’s 
Infrastructure Future

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