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Investing in California’s Habitat: the Wallis Annenberg Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing

The Wallis Annenberg Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing is a revolutionary new green bridge designed to help provide California’s diverse fauna with a safe passage across one of California’s busiest freeways, the 101 Freeway in Agoura Hills. The crossing connects the Santa Monica Mountains to the Simi Hills and spans over 200 feet, blending seamlessly into the natural landscape to provide a safe route for animals to traverse. The project was established to help protect vulnerable species such as mountain lions, which have suffered numerous deaths and injuries while attempting to cross busy freeways as the Los Angeles region has quicky developed in the last 100 years.

The wildlife crossing is a collaborative public-private partnership spearheaded by the Annenberg Foundation, Caltrans, the National Park Service, the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority, Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains, and the National Wildlife Federation. With the goal of conserving local wildlife and preserving their habitats for future generations, the crossing will not only reduce roadkill incidents but also play a crucial role in promoting the continued survival of many species of animals in the area. Its innovative design and successful implementation make the Wallis Annenberg Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing  a potential model for future wildlife crossings across the world.

Learn more about the project here