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Damon Packwood

Damon Packwood

California 100

Damon has more than 18 years of experience in the youth development and education fields, with positions at Juma Ventures, Hack the Hood, and Upward Bound. He has experience in several multimedia and tech industries including radio, mobile, video game journalism and the film industry.

A native San Franciscan, Damon was motivated to pursue tech education when he watched the city’s working-class community disappear with the rise of the Bay Area tech industry while his early students couldn’t get jobs after graduating college.

His passion for education, interactive media, and multiculturalism led him to a master’s in multimedia tech with an emphasis on interactive design. For his thesis, he spent a year in the San Francisco Mission District studying the effect of technology on low-income communities. Damon is an Echoing Green Fellow (2016), GSBI Fellow (2019), Stanford University Entrepreneur in Residence (2019) and a Facebook Gaming/VGA Global Gaming Citizen and a recipient of the AfroDev Jerry Lawson Award for Social Impact in Gaming.

He believes that using video games to teach game design and development to “cultural alchemists” can help create the future tech zealots, digital rebels, and multimedia mavericks.