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California 100 Announces Research Partners to Examine Policy Scenarios for the State’s Future

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California 100 announces 13 grants for visionary research centers and institutes across California focusing on scenarios with the potential to shape California’s leadership in the coming century

July 19, 2021

California 100, a new statewide initiative incubated at the University of California and Stanford University, announced today research awards to 18 centers and institutes across the state to examine future scenarios with the potential to shape California’s leadership in the coming century, with a focus on 13 priority research areas (listed below). Each center or institute has begun its research and will share findings this fall with a newly-formed California 100 Commission, comprised of 26 multigenerational, transformative leaders with diverse backgrounds and expertise. The findings will be shared with the public and later tested through deliberative polling exercises and engagement sessions directly with Californians in 2022. 

“California 100 is an ambitious effort harnessing the talent of a diverse array of leaders,  and is laser-focused on what we need to do to be better prepared for the future,” said Dr. Karthick Ramakrishnan, executive director of the California 100 Initiative. “We’re excited to announce our collaborations today with some of the best and brightest research minds in the state. The evidence they uncover will form the basis of robust public engagement across the state over the next two years.”

The goal of the California 100 is to lift up and support transformative ideas, people and projects that accelerate progress with a focus on inspiring a vision and strategy for California’s next century that is innovative, sustainable, and equitable. 

The research projects announced today comprise one of California 100’s work streams. The initiative, slated to run through 2023, will also include grant funding for policy innovation projects in partnership with city, county and state agencies, and engagement activities with diverse stakeholder groups.

“Our exemplary research partners across California will embark on creating a facts, origins and trends book to help inform where we are today, in thirteen policy areas of interest. This work will serve as a foundation to evaluate where we’re going, or could go, as a state,” said Dr. Henry Brady, director of research for the California 100 Initiative and former Dean of UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy. “We will work hand-in-glove with these research partners and with Institute For The Future to examine future scenarios — good and bad — that could impact life for all Californians in the next 5, 50 or 100 years.” 

California 100 is working  with Institute for the Future and the following 18 research centers and institutes that have been awarded California 100 grants:


In addition to sponsoring original work, the California 100 Platform will promote the best of what is happening in California. Through these various projects and activities, California 100 seeks to move California towards an aspirational vision—changing policies and practices, attitudes and mindsets, for a more vibrant future.