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Californians have an incredible capacity for innovation, and there are countless sources from which we might uncover new and exciting ideas that will take the state into its next hundred years. To identify promising ideas and evaluate their likely impact at scale, The People Lab at UC Berkeley is partnering with California 100 to support a set of innovation projects across the State. Through this process, we aim to answer the question: What new and creative ideas are out there that have the potential to move California forward but have not yet been attempted or accomplished at scale?

Each Innovation Project will rigorously test an innovative policy, program, or practice aimed at addressing a pressing challenge faced by Californians. Projects will provide ‘proof of concept’ for bold ideas, demonstrating the possibilities for California’s future when we embrace innovative ways of approaching long-standing problems.

Each project will be co-designed and carried out as a partnership between a local or state agency, department, or organization and a California-based research team.

The application period to apply for innovation projects is now closed. To see California 100’s innovation projects, please visit our partners at the Possibility Lab