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The California 100 Futures Fellows program brings together 46 passionate student leaders and creative campus activists to rethink existing systems, radically redesign our institutions, and imagine a future that works for the next generation. This first cohort of Fellows bring a wide-range of majors and backgrounds and represent undergraduate campuses across the state including from University of California, California State University, California Community College, independent and private schools.

Throughout the fall and spring, Fellows will draft manifestos for the future and participate in interdisciplinary workshops across design thinking, strategic foresight, systems change, AfroFuturism, game design, advocacy, organizing, and other creative fields. Meet the Fellows!


Alex Edgar

UC Berkeley

Public Policy, Education, Spanish

Alex Edgar is a sophomore at UC Berkeley studying Political Science with a concentration in International Relations, and minors in Public Policy, Education, and Spanish. He is interested in developing policy solutions to major social problems, aiming to create a democracy and transform education systems more responsive to the will and needs of the public. Alex has interned with the UC National Center for Free Speech and Civic Engagement, Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, and Constitutional Rights Foundation. On campus, he is the Director of the Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) Vote Coalition.

Alex Sanchez


Mental Health, Social Justice

Alex Sanchez is an undergraduate student at UCLA studying Sociology. She grew up in Fresno, California where she dedicated her time to underserved youth by; volunteering and fundraising, peer mentoring middle school students, and dismantling mental health stigmas around advocating for sufficient resources. Alex’s family experience of being undocumented has made her a strong advocate for humane immigration laws and policies, and she hopes to continue her fight for social justice. In her free time, Alex indulges in reading, listening to music, journaling, and photography/videography.

Alyssa Jaipersaud

University of Southern California

Sustainability, Climate Change

Alyssa Jaipersaud is a junior at the University of Southern California studying Industrial and Systems Engineering with a concentration in Information Systems and a minor in Law and Public Policy. At USC, she is a Grand Challenges Scholar, a member of Engineers Without Borders, on the Viterbi Funding Board, and a member of Trojan Archery. Alyssa is passionate about sustainability in all aspects, especially environmental sustainability and its relation to climate change mitigation. She is originally from Secaucus, New Jersey, but is enjoying her time in Los Angeles, and hopes to call California her home.

Andrew Martin

UC Irvine

Immigration Policy

Andrew Martin is a sophomore at UC Irvine studying International Studies and Economics, and is a first generation college student. He was born and raised in Tulare, which is located in the San Joaquin Valley, and known as the agricultural heartland of California. He grew up amongst a vibrant Latino community, where his father worked on the dairies. Andrew is passionate about immigration policy and empowering the Central Valley in California’s long-term future. He is proud of his roots, excited to work with our wonderful team, and inspired to build a better California for future generations.

Anna Davis

California Baptist University

Public Health, Education Policy

Anna Davis is a senior at California Baptist University studying Public Health. She is a Riverside native working to better serve her community and our state’s health systems. She has looked at California’s health policy over seven generations and wants to highlight the urgency to sustainably transform America’s collapsing healthcare system. She is passionate about education policy, and ensuring teachers are consulted in effective use of resources. As well, she has a strong interest in overhauling corporate tax laws to be more beneficial to the public.

Ari Fomalont

UC Berkeley

Housing, Economic Inequality

Ari Fomalont is a sophomore at UC Berkeley studying Political Science and Economics. Growing up surrounded by nature in Topanga, California, Ari served on the board of the Topanga Association for a Scenic Community, working to protect the Santa Monica Mountains. He has extensive experience working in undergraduate research, as well as with local nonprofits and political organizations aimed at promoting progressive change in California. He has also worked to support low income and unhoused residents in both LA and Berkeley, addressing the state and country’s crises of severe economic inequality, lack of adequate resources, and housing emergencies.

Arlene Nagtalon

UC San Diego

Mental Health, Education Policy, Healthcare

Arlene Nagtalon (she/her) is a sophomore at UC San Diego studying Molecular and Cell Biology. She is a California College Corps Fellow and a College Ambassador for Reality Changers, helping first-years transition to their new lives as Tritons. As a San Diego native, Arlene is cares about giving back to her community, combating health and educational disparities, diversifying academia, and destigmatizing mental health, especially amongst historically marginalized communities. Since Arlene is an aspiring multi-hyphenate, she begs the question, “Who do you want to be when you grow up?” to promote the idea that you are not defined by a single job title, and it’s possible to pursue multiple passions and interests. Aside from being a Futures Fellow, she was one of five winners of the CA 100 Hackathon with her policy brief idea of Grab and Go Medical Centers. She is excited to bring her ideas to life in order to provide free healthcare items to the public. In her free time, she enjoys binge-watching coming-of-age comedies on Netflix, spending time with the stray cats in her neighborhood, and writing in hopes of creating a blog about what it’s like to grow up in the 21st century.

Aryamun Das

UC San Diego

Technology, Finance, Activism

Aryamun Das is a sophomore at UC San Diego studying Mathematics and Computer Science. Ry has worked on projects combating food insecurity in communities facing cyclones, through drone technology. He is hoping to shape the future of California as the new hub of technology in the world. His interests lie in technology, finance, and activism, and his hobbies include weightlifting, cooking and singing. He loves nature and hikes, and is looking forward to a productive and fun time as a Futures Fellow.

Chantelle Miller

Chantelle Miller

UC Riverside

Social Systems, Education Policy

Chantelle Miller is a student at UC Riverside studying Political Science. she has always had an interest in policies and social systems. Growing up, her mother was always heavily involved in advocacy work within her community, and which inspired Chantelle to get involved as well. In high school, Chantelle worked closely with her school’s board members and administrators to implement school-wide policies that focused on social education and inclusion of minority groups. On campus she is involved with the Mustard Seed Projects, which works to provide relief to the local homeless community by connecting them with opportunities and resources that can help. Chantelle is grateful to be working with the Future Fellows program on shaping a better future for all Californians.

Chloe Colley-Hiller

California Lutheran University

Climate Change, Environment

Chloe Colley-Hiller is a junior at California Lutheran University studying Environmental Science with minors in Philosophy and Art. She is very passionate about the anthropogenic causes of climate change and global warming. She especially believes one of the best and simplest ways to help the world is by spreading awareness about unsustainable animal agriculture practices and the food industry’s impact on our planet. She hopes to transform our systems in order to rescue the world from ourselves! Chloe is excited for this opportunity bringing young people together to make a change, and looks forward to shaping environmental and climate change policy.

Collin Mullaney

UC San Diego

Architecture, Innovation, Biomimicry

Collin Mullaney is a senior at UC San Diego and a transfer student from Los Angeles Valley College studying Urban Studies and Planning. His experiences in community work involve an effort to restore Friendship Park at the Tijuana-San Diego border, and he’s excited to bring sustainable infrastructure solutions to our diverse cohort. He is from Studio City, growing up in the heart of the San Fernando Valley where he enjoyed skateboarding and creating art. He is passionate about architecture, innovation, and particularly biomimicry projects that seek to create symbiotic relationships with the environment.

Darzelle Liv Oliveros

UC Davis

Technology, Poetry

Darzelle Liv Oliveros is a community college transfer student at UC Davis studying Science and Technology Studies. She is a California College Corps Fellow and a Rotaract member on campus. She is based in the Bay Area, and was born in the Philippines. She enjoys writing poetry, occasionally performing at spaces that welcome her complex queer, immigrant identity. Liv believes that it takes a community to uplift a scholar, and that leadership is learnership. A lifelong learner at heart, she values listening to people’s stories, and living out her lessons through connection and service. Her hobbies include creativity, vibing with loved ones and the outdoors, change-making, and self-care.

Dennis Lyare

UC Davis

Environment, Student Debt, Income Inequality

Dennis Lyare is a sophomore at UC Davis studying Political Science and minoring in Sociology. Dennis is on a pre-Law track, and has ignited research and advocacy efforts for the Black community in the Sacramento area by launching a Black mentorship student organization on-campus. He was born and raised in San Diego, California and enjoys reading and writing novels. In his free time, he volunteers to aid minority families in his community. He is passionate about environmental and monetary issues, especially regarding our student debt crisis and addressing income inequality.

Diego Sevillano


Environment, Animal Welfare, Water Conservation

Diego Sevillano is a senior at UCLA studying Political Science. He is a native resident of the Bay Area, a transfer student from Ohlone College, and has interned for education institutions, non-profit and intergovernmental organizations which has inspired him to be an advocate for our state. Diego is extremely passionate about environmental conservation, is an animal welfare advocate, and hopes to bring the issue of California’s water consumption to the Future Fellows program! 


Donald Zarate

UC Riverside

College Affordability, Basic Needs

Donald Zarate is a student at UC Riverside double majoring in Political Science and Psychology. He graduated from Norco College with three interdisciplinary degrees in Humanities, Arts, and Sciences. Prior to joining California 100, he was involved on campus by taking on leadership roles within; Norco College’s Psi Beta Honors Society in Psychology, Philosophical Affairs Club, and Democratic National Committee Club. He worked as a full-time security guard for a security agency, and served in both the California Army National Guard and Army Reserve. Donald advocates for students’ rights towards college affordability, basic needs, and resource accessibility.

Emma Kelly

UC Berkeley

Conservation, Climate Change

Emma Kelly is a student at UC Berkeley studying Conservation and Resource Studies with an emphasis in Built and Natural Ecosystems incorporating public policy, energy and land use, education, and sustainable design. She is passionate about making positive environmental change, and creating solutions for climate change. She is thrilled to be a part of California 100 to take part in envisioning our state’s future.

Favour Nnaji

UC Merced

Mechanical Engineering

Favour Nnaji is a junior at UC studying Mechanical Engineering. 

He strives to be the very best and is never afraid to ask questions in order to do so. He was raised to live by the golden rule, treating others how one would like to be treated and upholds this standard throughout his work and personal pursuits. He enjoys keeping up with sports, working out, and most importantly spending time with friends and family. He believes in himself, and that he can accomplish all things through Christ who gives him strength.

Felix Murray

CSU Fullerton

STEM, Gender Rights

Felix Murray is a software engineer and student at CSU Fullerton studying Computer Science and Cybersecurity. They have pursued projects and worked collaboratively with teams at organizations such as; the U.S. Department of Energy, NASA, Northrop Grumman, and the University of California. As a non-traditional student, and member of the LGBTQA+ community, they have worked to educate fellow students on the non-binary student experience, and volunteered time to help create career resources to support LGBTQA+ students in STEM fields.

Gabriela Tsudik

UC Davis

Economic Justice, Income Inequality

Gabriela Tsudik is a senior at UC Davis studying in Managerial Economics with a minor in Political Science & Human Rights. She has chaired the ASUC Davis Commission on Academic Affairs, and interned for the ACLU. Her main interest is addressing economic justice and income inequality in the United States, specifically for immigrants, unhoused people, women, and marginalized communities.

Genesis Guerra


Immigration, Education Inequality, Social Justice

Genesis Guerra is a senior at USC double majoring in International Relations and American Studies & Ethnicities with an emphasis on Latinx/Chicanx Studies. While at USC, she has contributed to the First Generation community by helping establish a First Generation Student Leadership program to ensure every first-gen student at USC feels at home. She is originally from Dallas, Texas, but now calls Los Angeles and California her home. She is passionate about immigration reform and combatting education inequality, as well as advocating for community-building and social justice.

Genna Weinstein

UC Davis

Education, Healthcare

Genna Weinstein is a senior at UC Davis double majoring in International Relations and African American & African Studies with a minor in Communication. She is passionate about creating equitable change with realistic solutions that go beyond party lines. Her goals after college include advocacy relating to effective social change in education and healthcare. She is looking forward to being a California 100 Futures Fellow and working with her peers to reimagine California’s future.

Iara Bomfirm

CSU Long Beach

Inequality, Refugee Policy

Iara Bomfirm is an international student from Brazil at CSU Long Beach studying International Studies with a minor in Political Science. Iara loves to travel, and her goal to pursue a degree has led her to study in the U.S. She seeks to understand the root causes of many global issues facing communities across the world, and how we can solve them with long-term sustainable solutions, unity through diplomacy, and cultural connectivity. She is excited to collaborate with incredible students across the state to build positive change for California and future generations, and hopes to bring issues of inequality and refugee policy to the table.

Irina Roybal

UC Santa Barbara

Environment, Social Injustice

Irina Roybal is a sophomore at UC Santa Barbara studying Environmental Studies. Growing up in Colorado and Washington state, she has learned to appreciate the outdoors. With her environmental major and perspectives, she looks forward to working with individuals from other disciplines to address the intersectionality between her passions and the passions of others, particularly in regards to social injustice. She is also the Recruiter for UCSB’s cheerleading team, and loves to mountain bike, hike, and spend time with friends in her free time.

Isabella Niems


Sustainability, Housing

Isabella Niems is a sophomore at USC pursuing a dual degree in Business Administration, and Law, History, and Culture with a minor in Mind and Body Studies. She plans to attend law school with a focus on public interest law. She is beyond excited to be part of our Future Fellows program to promote a sustainable future of progress for California. Isabella is passionate about supporting her houseless neighbors through outreach, increasing equality through education, and providing resources to low-income individuals – all of which she has hopes of addressing in our Youth Manifestos.

Jaehoon Choi

UC San Diego

Software, Diversity & Inclusion

Jaehoon Choi is a student at UC San Diego studying Computer Science. He is a student leader, a Korean-born international, and has a passion for creating infinitely scalable software solutions to real problems. He also believes in the role of legislation to create more equitable and fruitful landscapes in the field of emergent technologies. Jaehoon has been inspired by pursuing an American education to adopt philosophies of diversity and inclusion, and believes that software is a large part of our future and needs to be regulated through a lens of equitable access and multi-national universal policy.

Jason Ogilvie

UC Santa Barbara

Physics, Education

Jason Ogilvie is a sophomore at UC Santa Barbara double majoring in Psychological & Brain Sciences and Physics. Originally from San Francisco, he was involved in the San Francisco Achievers, which mentors students to ensure they are on track to pursue a college education. He is passionate about the future of education in California, and is most excited about connecting with students across the state on the most pressing issues we’re facing today. He hopes that we can create unique ways for tomorrow’s leaders to address these topics.

Javier Jauregui Ramirez


Political and Economic Inequality

Javier Jauregui Ramirez is a senior at UCLA studying Chicana/o and Central American Studies with a focus on Law, Labor & Policy and a minor in Food Studies. As a Mexican immigrant himself, and a son of a migrant farm worker in the Upper Sacramento Valley, Javier aspires to create solutions to help combat transnational political and economic inequalities in the Western Hemisphere.

Katherin Velazquez

UC Berkeley

UX Design, Social, Environmental and Animal Justice

Katherin Velazquez (they/them) is a junior at UC Berkeley pursuing a degree in Media Studies. On-campus, they are part of the Educational Opportunity Program, Disabled Students Program, Bears for Financial Success, a Nav2Cal Mentor, and a NavCal Fellow. After college, Kat hopes to pursue a career in UX design or enter the fields of marketing or education. Their experiences in social, environmental, and animal justice pushed them towards these pathways, and they hope to inform those who aren’t aware of the injustices surrounding these topics during their time at UC Berkeley and beyond.

Mabel (Jae) Masino

University of San Francisco

Climate Change, LGBTQ+ Rights

Mabel (Jae) Masino is a student at the University of San Francisco studying Politics and Computer Science. Originally born in Las Vegas, NV, she has worked for multiple political campaigns and organizations including ‘Biden for President’ during the 2020 presidential election, and the banking and housing department for Senator Cortez Masto. She is passionate about climate change and LGBTQ+ rights. She loves music and art and supporting smaller art communities. For fun she likes to travel and has just returned from an eight month stay in Florence, Italy.

Madison George

UC Santa Barbara

Racial Equality, Housing Justice

Madison George is a senior at UC Santa Barbara studying Political Science. Originally from Long Beach, she is extremely passionate about social justice, law, and community organizing, and cannot wait to work collaboratively with students across our state to envision a bright future for California! She is interested in racial equality, intersectional approaches to multiple minority groups, housing justice and tenant rights, as well as promoting political education and participation. Maddie loves California and feels honored and excited to be a part of our Future Fellows program!

Manuel Martinez-Hernandez

UC Riverside

Immigration Policy Reform, Student Organizing, Renewable Energy

Manuel Martinez-Hernandez is a senior at UC Riverside studying Political Science with a pre-Law track. He intends to pursue law school after receiving his Bachelor’s degree, and is passionate about immigration policy reform, labor union organizing, renewable energy, and student organizing. He is originally from San Jose, and is very excited to be a part of the Future Fellows team. He looks forward to working with students from across a multitude of backgrounds, campuses and disciplines, and attending workshops on future design and coalition building.

Maria Dhilla

UC San Diego

Computer Science, Design

Maria Dhilla is a student at UC San Diego studying Cognitive Science specializing in Design & Interaction, alongside a double minor in Computer Science and Design. She hopes to make a difference using her design skills to help build a better California!

Marianne Jo

UC San Diego

Environment, Economic Inequality

Marianne Jo is a sophomore at UC San Diego studying Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Renewable Energy and Environmental Flows. She is so excited to be a part of the Future Fellows program and is passionate about trying to maintain the current environment for future generations. She is interested in how BIPOC and people from lower socio-economic areas are impacted by power plants and how we can change these inequalities. Her other interests include throwaway culture/overconsumption of fast fashion and single-use plastics!

Mckenna Grossheim

UC Riverside

Mental Health,

Mckenna Grossheim is a recent graduate from UC Riverside with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a minor in Philosophy. Her current goal is to further her education with a focus in developmental psychology. She is passionate about the education system and hopes to incorporate school-based mental health programs and curriculum that fosters better well-being for youth of all socioeconomic statuses.

Mckenzie Diep

UC Berkeley

Transportation, Housing Infrastructure, Energy

Mckenzie Diep is a student at UC Berkeley double-majoring in Economics and Urban Studies. Mckenzie serves as the Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator for the City of Oakland’s OaklandUndivided Coalition, focusing on synthesizing research and connecting with post-secondary schools to pass anti-discriminatory policy to close the digital divide for low-income families. She is passionate about improving transportation and housing infrastructure, making broadband access equitable, and democratizing energy systems.

Mengyu Han

UC Berkeley

Political Economy, Media

Mengyu Han, or Ruby, is a senior at UC Berkeley studying Political Economy and Media Studies. She moved to the United States from China in 2015 for high school, and has been a resident in our Golden State for seven years now. She feels very excited to be joining a statewide coalition of student leaders to create meaningful initiatives for California’s ideal future. Ruby loves working with people, learning new things, playing tennis, watching movies, and running at parks during her free time.

Owen Ramsby


Community Organizing, Journalism

Owen Ramsby is a junior at USC studying Political Economy, Law, and Public Policy. Currently he’s working with Breakthrough News and Empire Files to cover indigenous-led civil resistance to systemic ecocide. He grew up in Florida and the Carolinas, and was an avid soccer player and outdoorsman. Since coming to college, he’s been involved in community organizing, nonprofit consulting, political campaigns, and investigative journalism.

Qingyang Chen

UC Davis

Economic Inequality, Environment, Women’s Rights

Qingyang Chen is an international student from Hubei, China, studying International Relations at UC Davis. Qingyang pays attention to the topics of economic inequality, environmental protection, and protection of women’s rights. Due to her experience with Bipolar Disorder, Qingyang is also concerned about the psychological state of students who feel stressed.

Roger Alvarado


Income Inequality, Politics

Roger Alvarado is a sophomore at USC studying Political Science who has obtained an Associate’s degree in Agriculture Business. As a first-generation student, he has worked to support his family since he could remember. Having to assist financially, while simultaneously studying, has allowed him to see first-hand the exploitation that occurs with the working class. He has always been passionate about politics, and strives to use experiences, knowledge, and continuing studies to help form a more just, equitable, and sustainable society for the global working class.

Sabra Carman

UC Santa Barbara

Environment, Gender and Race Equity

Sabra Carman is a student at UC Santa Barbara double-majoring in Feminist Studies and Geography. She is passionate about the health of our environment, the well-being of animals, gender and racial equity, and helping others whenever she sees a chance. Sabra looks forward to working with California 100 as a Futures Fellow in developing goals for a sustainable and inclusive future for our beautiful state of California. She hopes to use the knowledge and skills gained as a Futures Fellow in her future career in environmental conservation and advocacy.

Sebastian Cahill

UC Berkeley

Journalism, LGBTQ+ Rights

Sebastian Cahill (he/him/his) is a senior at UC Berkeley studying English and Comparative Literature with a focus on Spanish-language literature. He has worked in journalism for The Daily Californian for four years as an editor and news writer. He also helps LGBTQ+ students adjust to Cal through the Queer Cal Pals program. His research interests include the deconstruction of white supremacy in Irish diasporic spaces and Irish literature written during anti-colonial revolutions. When not working on his research, he enjoys reading (naturally), writing poetry, visiting the beach, and spending time with his cat, Edward.

Summer Woods

Pepperdine University

Resourcing Black Community, Mental Health

Summer Woods is a graduate student at Pepperdine University pursuing a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy. She was born and raised in Los Angeles and has been actively involved as BSU President, being a student leader and mentor during her time at LA Southwest College and Mount St. Mary’s University. Summer is most passionate about advocating for the investment in resources to support people of color and underserved communities, especially the overall health and well-being of the Black community.

Trinity Martinez

UC San Diego

Arts, Computing

Trinity Martinez (she/her/ella) is a student at UC San Diego studying Visual Arts with an emphasis in Computing and the Arts. She is a first-generation transfer student from Los Angeles Harbor College. She has high hopes for California’s future generations. She is determined to ensure a brighter future and provide opportunities for every individual through her college journey and through our fellows program.

Valerie Braylovskiy

Pomona College

Climate Change, Poetry, Mental Health

Valerie Braylovskiy is a sophomore at Pomona College interested in pursuing studies surrounding creative writing, communications, and journalism. She is from San Francisco, CA, and outside of school she is constantly writing, and often discusses nature and climate change in her poetry and prose pieces. She loves exploring new places in California and has a slight obsession with trying different coffee shops. Climate change is an area in which she hopes to create systemic change through this fellowship and by conducting research on its intersections with other social justice issues such as mental health.

Valmic Mukund

UC Berkeley

Climate Action, Healthcare, Labor Rights

Valmic Mukund is a student at UC Berkeley studying Integrative Biology. He is a democratic socialist who firmly believes that a better world is possible. He is committed to fighting for climate action, universal healthcare, labor rights, abortion rights, racial equity, and economic justice. Although he spends way too much time online, he is most at peace when observing wildlife in the outdoors. You can often find him writing fiction or drowning himself in music.

Zofia Trexler

Zofia Trexler

Stanford University

Disability Rights, Mental Health

Zofia Trexler is a graduate of Fresno City College and currently a student at Stanford University studying Urban Studies. She is a youth mental health and disability rights advocate from Fresno, California. She currently sits on the board for the California Youth Empowerment Network(CAYEN), the transitional age youth advocacy wing of Mental Health America of California. Currently, she is working as a Peer Self Advocacy Trainer for Disability Rights California, where she teaches youth with psychiatric disabilities about their rights, services, and self advocacy skills. She is also a volunteer for YO! Disabled and Proud, a program of the California Foundation for Independent Living Centers(CFILC).