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Annie Fryman

Annie Fryman is the Director of Cities at Abodu, a Bay Area based company that builds affordable and high-quality accessory dwelling units in California and Washington. In this … Continued

Nidhi Kalra

Nidhi Kalra (she/her) is a senior information scientist at the RAND Corporation. She has previously served as director of RAND’s San Francisco Bay Area office and codirector of … Continued

Ernestine Fu

Ernestine Fu is a technology investor based in San Francisco, California. She has scaled emerging technology companies for over a decade in sectors ranging from robotics and artificial … Continued

Sasha Renée Perez

Sasha Renée Pérez is the Senior Public Affairs Manager for the Campaign for College Opportunity, a non-profit broad-based research, policy, and advocacy organization focused on ensuring all Californians have … Continued

Sal Rodriguez

Sal Rodriguez is the opinion editor for the Southern California News Group, a group of 11 newspapers in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County and San Bernardino … Continued